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British Science Week 2021: Innovating for the future

Welcome to British Science Week 2021, a celebration of all things STEM, this year’s theme is innovating for the future, can you name a life changing invention?

Biros, toothpaste, toilet roll, Velcro, postage stamps, erasers, Lego, rollercoasters, straws, paper clips…not quite as life changing, maybe, but what would life be like without these things?

Inventing doesn’t stop, just because we’ve invented lots of things already, some things stand the test of time , like scissors invented by the Romans,  while others never really make it like the one wheeled motorbike!

Innovating for the future

Here are just some of the hopeful inventions for the future, self-driving cars, floating farms, living robots, edible food packaging and space tourism.

Space tourists

In today’s innovating for the future challenge  we are going to be inventors, we are going to design, build prototypes and review our inventions, you could even consider how to pitch your product to potential customers, work out a budget or design some packaging.

Build a Space Hotel

The Hilton Hotel group have already staked their claim on being a provider of Space hotels in the future, but dear inventors and engineers, it is time for you to design your very own Space Hotel.

Innovating for the future space hotel prototype

Using materials from around your house, recycled materials, blocks, lego, paper cups, spaghetti and marshmallows, paper. Can you design a prototype for the first hotel in space?

We used carrots and cocktail sticks, straws and playdough, paper and tape as well as some lolly sticks- a multi-media creation!

Encourage the children to draw and label their designs before building a prototype to test. Ask them to consider how they will test the effectiveness of their prototypes e.g.

  • How stable it is? (can it withstand the foundations being shaken)
  • How tall is it? (measurement)
  • Something else? (discuss together)
Innovating for the future space hotel design

Ensure the children use their data to evaluate the success of their prototypes, whether or not they need to make improvements and what they could change.

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