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What’s it all about?

“Just did my Bubbles lesson. They LOVED it! Can't stop smiling from all the positive feedback I'm getting from pupils and parents. Thank you so much!”

So… how does it work?

When you join The Virtual Explorers Club you get unlimited access to hundreds of STEM activities including science topics, maths games, coding units and engineering challenges. These are perfect as hooks for learning when starting new topics or adapting for weekly science lessons. 

If you've been tasked with running a STEM Club then termly club planners will save your planning time.  I can support you to run your own STEM days  so you can enjoy practical STEM learning opportunities more regularly, saving you hundreds of pounds of your budget compared to bringing in external providers. 

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"I don’t have to struggle to find the words or knowledge to explain anything because there’s a great video and plan provided- something I massively struggled with before"

The Virtual Explorers Club

STEM Clubs

With termly STEM Club planners, running a lunchtime or after school club couldn't be more simple. With complete background information, planning and easy to follow resources, they only thing you need to do is gather some easy to find supplies from the science cupboard or the supermarket


STEM isn't just for Science Week! Bring practical STEM to life across your school with a vast range of simple activities that empower you to feel confident to enjoy hands on investigations during school time. The Virtual Explorers Club helps excite and enthuse your pupils in practical STEM without blowing the budget on external providers. 

Hooks for learning

All the resources in The Virtual Explorers Club STEM activities library can be adapted for use within day-to-day science lessons. With all the inspiration you need for planning your investigations at the click of a button you'll save a huge amount of time trawling the internet for new and exciting ideas each time you're planning a new unit

Frequently Asked Questions

No! The Virtual Explorers Club STEM activities library has been devised by an experienced primary school teacher and STEM educator, however, it is not designed as a scheme of work. There are plenty of providers offering planning and worksheets for science in primary schools. The aim of The Virtual Explorers Club is to inspire and empower you to enjoy practical STEM learning opportunities on a regular basis. There is no book work here! 

Pop me an email to to discuss your requirements for how many accounts you require and I will help get you set up as a school. 

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