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I see you, I've been there...

I'm Ruth, creator of STEM Explorers,  former primary school teacher and mum of two. I left the classroom in 2017, exhausted, overwhelmed and emotionally broken.

At the time my eldest was just 2 years old, I didn't know what to do with myself but I knew I couldn't continue as I was. I craved more freedom, more flexibility and to be more available for my young family. 

After a couple of months recovering,  I set up my first STEM Club in a local community centre before branching out into running clubs for schools and nursery settings.

When Covid- 19 hit I had to stop running in-person STEM clubs which prompted me to use my skills and experience as a STEM educator and primary school teacher to create STEM Explorers. Designed to empower parents and teachers to run their own STEM Clubs at home or in school I'm now sharing my experiences and planning with you too, so you can set up your own STEM Club business.

You can build up your own business, without spending thousands of pounds in the process...little steps everyday lead to greater things. I'll show you how!

Do you dream of running your own business so you can create freedom and flexibility for your family?

Are you ready to take a step back from the intensity of working as a teacher? Do you long for your evenings and weekends to be time for you and your family?

Maybe you are working as a supply teacher or teaching assistant but want to have more control over when you're working and how much you earn?

Does the idea of running your own clubs fill you with excitement but also a lot of fear because you don't know where to begin?

STEM Explorers is here to support you to achieve your vision!

Coming soon: join the waiting list for more information!

If you'd love to run your own business but just don't know where to start then STEM Explorers is here for you. I'll teach you step by step how to set up and grow your own STEM club business- whether you're working with schools, running pre-school sessions or leading home educator groups.

Learn how to get your STEM Club business up and running including designing a logo, finding the perfect venue, setting up social media and the all important paperwork

Weekly STEM Club planning so you know what to teach, the supplies you need and how to teach it...It's so easy to follow you can do it without being a science specialist!

Ongoing support through a private members only Facebook community of like-minded STEM Club owners

Coming soon: join the waiting list for more information!

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  • Let's go on the journey from overwhelmed to confident together.
  • Create a life that works for you and your family, it's time to step out and find your freedom!
  • There's no need to spend thousands of pounds on a franchise, you can do this yourself by starting small and growing with a little support from me along the way!
  • I'll share the hints and tips I've picked up since launching my own STEM clubs in 2017 and save you valuable time with all the planning ready to go!

Coming soon: join the waiting list for more information!

STEM clubs are a winner!

A deputy head teacher once told me that Science clubs are always the most popular. So much so that while all the other school clubs ran for 12 week terms, Science ran  for two 6-week blocks to double the number of children able to attend. 

Running your own STEM Clubs, whether you're working with schools or in community venues are always popular because children just love investigating and exploring!


Are you ready to change your life?

STEM Explorers "business in a box"

Launching Soon!
  • Make your dreams of setting up your own STEM Clubs a reality in a low-risk way and low cost way. You do not need to invest £10-15k to run your own STEM clubs business!
  • Get clarity on all the steps you need to take before you get started (templates, checklists and video guides will show you how)
  • Feel confident and prepared as you launch your STEM Clubs with pre-planned sessions that have been tried and tested
  • Thrive in your new STEM Clubs business and begin to grow into new opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to:

  • step by step guides to show you how to set up your own STEM Clubs
  • templates and checklists to ensure you're ready to launch
  • recommendations for what to search for in a venue, how to contact schools/ nurseries, getting set up on social media and how to market your new STEM clubs. 
  • tried and tested lesson planning with background information, activity guides and demonstration videos (saving you time and there's no need to be an expert)
  • facebook community of like-minded STEM Club business owners

STEM Explorers is written with the Early Years Framework and Science Curriculum for primary schools in mind, with a range of activity ideas for all children aged 3 to 11 years. 

When you launch your club, start with one age range to begin with and once you're thriving you can add more classes to your timetable.

Absolutely not! STEM Explorers is a simple to follow programme designed to empower you to teach practical STEM even if you're not an expert. 

With all the background information and activities planned out, plus demonstration videos you can watch in advance the only thing you need is the enthusiasm to work with children with insatiable curiosity!

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