About me

I’m Ruth, mum of two, experienced primary school teacher and STEM educator and creator of The Virtual Explorers Club.

I left the classroom after admitting defeat in being able to achieve that elusive balance between being the best teacher for my class and the best mum I could be for my son.

Whatever I did I would feel guilty, either for not spending enough time with my son or for not giving enough of my time to my class full of thirty children.

I couldn’t leave teaching behind though, I am a teacher to the core, it feels as natural to me as breathing. I love the enthusiasm for life, the curiosity and the excitement of achieving that lights up young faces. I knew that there had to be a way that I could still do what I love, igniting a passion for learning in young children, without the stresses and time constraints of a traditional teaching environment.

My daughter joined us in April 2019, so while I have left the crazy, sleep deprived newborn days behind I’m still firmly in nappy changes, tantrums, teething and all the other fun that comes with small children before they can talk to you and tell you what’s up!

The idea for The Virtual Explorers Club was born during the Covid 19 lock-down. With both my children and husband working at home full time it was certainly difficult to get the wheels in motion and there were many late nights trying to get the first resources prepared and ready to go. I trialed the club throughout June and into July with a small number of friends, former colleagues and their wider network’s sharing their feedback and suggestions along the way. It’s still a club in evolution, learning as I go and trying to make progress in the limited time available around family life but I love every minute I spend on it!

My aim for The Virtual Explorers Club is to:
Provide the tools for parents and teachers to enjoy exploratory STEM learning opportunities with their children while nurturing key life skills like resilience, self confidence and curiosity.

It’s STEM made simple!

Our children are natural scientists, they ask questions and are always investigating from the day they are born. We don’t need to teach these skills, but we do need to nurture it through practical learning activities to get them excited and passionate about learning.

All my experiences as a teacher over the last 10 years have helped to develop the resources you see now. The Virtual Explorers Club is a science club with a difference.

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